Books, Reading and Challenges

Although it wasn’t the original plan for this blog, it has become a way for me to foster my love of reading and connect with other book-lovers.

Click the following buttons to be relayed to different aspects of my bookish affairs.

10 thoughts on “Books, Reading and Challenges

  1. I want you to be happy, so “hi”. :)

    My blog wasn’t meant to be about books and reading, either, but oops! and I know have a book reviews page as part of it.

    We are readers, and as someone once said, “Wherever you go, there you are!”

  2. Hi :). Came across your blog by following a long chain of links about book bloggers from countries other than USA. I’m running a series on my blog at the moment about literature from countries we don’t get to hear much about. Am wondering if you might be interested?? It’s called A view from here – so far I’ve covered Canada, Phillipines and Sr iLanka. Denmark and France are next in line but I don’t have anyone from South Africa. The blog is If you’re interested, would you drop me an email to heenandavies at yahoo dot co dot uk? Or you can leave a comment on the blog. hope to hear from you

  3. Hey! I lovveeee to read too, BUT can’t seem to find the do you manage to find time as a med student to read books besides Physio, Patho., and Internal Med.?? I’m currently studying for my USMLE:(

    • Hey hey. It’s a fine balance, and one I often overstep on the bookish side. Honestly there isn’t a good answer. I expect to be reading less this year, being my final year. Sometimes you have to know when to put the book down. But I find that it is possible to make a little time for reading, mostly… Good luck!

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