A New Generation of LGBT YA


April is LGBT-month with LauraPlusBooks and FightingDreamer. Although I am studying VERY HARD (I really am), I wanted to get this post in really quickly. I realised a while ago that I haven’t read that many LGBT books. I’ve read quite a few where a secondary character is LGBT (The Mortal Instruments, Mara Dyer, etc) and quite a few short-story collections, like Yes, I am! and OMG QUEER. Then there was Every Day (which is kind of, I don’t know, pansexual?) and Luna.

Recently I read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. It was incredible (not quite a five-star read, due to some issues I have with the final bit of the book) and while reading I kept thinking how this narrative felt to me like a revolution not only in LGBT writing, but YA in general.

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Ten Books That Will Make You Cry


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about books that will make you cry. I did a similar topic two years ago, namely Books That Broke My Heart, so I’m purposefully leaving those books from this post.

I think it’s a fine balance, reading enough books from the light/heavy spectrum. A good book-cry can be so… refreshing? Or empowering. Or I don’t know. Anyways, a sad book is not necessarily one to shy away from.

1. Looking for Alaska by John Green – I adore this book because it had HILARIOUS bits as well, so I don’t have aversion to thinking about it. But it really is a sad book too, and I ugly cried so badly for this one. Continue reading