[POLL] Internship Applications: Which Factors Do You Consider?

One of our classmates made this... and this date-count is from a few days ago...!

One of our classmates made this… and this date-count is from a few days ago…!

There are fewer than 200 days left to graduation, and my class is beginning the application process for our Internship positions next year. As Interns we will be the most junior of doctors, and to some extent still be considered to be “in training”, BUT we will be graduates earning real money (and with real responsibilities) – wahoo!

We don’t have a big program like the Match in the USA/Canada. Instead, we have to list our top five choices for Internship, with as many “motivating” factors as possible (people with kids and spouses in the area tend to get preference) and hope for the best. Each hospital has only a certain number of spots available for students from each med school, so it’s quite a strategic things as well.

If you don’t get placed in one of your first five choices, you get “second rounded” – and those are usually the spots left open that other people didn’t want. So the ideal is to avoid that scenario. Continue reading

Doctors and Piercings: Two Years Later


Just over two years ago, I had my nose pierced.

It was the end of my third year of medical school, and I preceded my action by seeking advice from many people – I spoke to my family, mentors and other students, and I posted this and this.

I never did post that I got the piercing. I guess it did not seem like massive news then. But I’ve been seeing a lot of searches for “doctors and piercings” directing to my blog, and I figured a follow-up was in order.

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Africa Needs More Books


I was walking through my home suburb (read:village) with my brother the other day. We went to the local library, sampled some books (slim pickings) and as we walked home, I asked about such-and-such a bookshop, and such-and-such a used bookshop. They were all closed down. Anyone wanting to purchase books needs to go to town (literally). A town which, incidentally, has only generic chain bookshops.

And I said to my brother, “This place needs more bookstores.”

And then, “Our country needs more bookstores.”

And then, “Africa needs more bookstores.”

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