Students Donating Clothes for Charity

When you study as far from home as I do (1 000km), you bring all your clothes with you to university. When you are as short as I am, all your clothes from the age of 15 still fit you.

Today I gave about seven carrier bags of clothes to charity. It felt great.

My university currently has a clothing run going. We often have clothing runs, but the turnout is not usually very good. What is different this time is that it coincides with the time period during which students have to clear out their rooms for the summer holidays. So then, it is easy to find the clothes you don’t wear anymore and take it to the nearest donation box.

This supports my belief that charity projects should be timed correctly and that it is not necessarily humanity that doesn’t want to participate.

I have space in my cupboard now for the clothes that I actually wear.

Also, I have my very first OSCE tomorrow. I am scared out of my socks. More about that tomorrow.

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