Mobile update

I am going against everythong I stand for and posting a post from my Blackberry.

I have been meaning to write for the past ten days, but I just don’t get to it. One must be sociable when on holiday, you see.

Oh, I am home and it is amaaaaaazing.

Anyway, I PASSED MY EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!

I found out on Monday. I didn’t do great but they are all definite passes. Also, I ALMOST cum laude’d my OSCE! Next year I want to Cum Laude them all.

I shall add more news soon, but thoight y’all should know I passed.

Also, I think my cats may have organophosphate poisoning.

We fumigated the house today and the pestmaster said all would be fine in two hours’ time. But they were froting at the mouth and they have midriasis. Although midriasis is consistent with adrenergic and not cholinergic poisoning.

I am worried. Also about the people here at home….

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  1. YAY! For passing exams and doing so well! We are very proud of you here at Youth Journalism International, Dr. Megz-to-be.
    Here’s hoping the kitties will be okay.

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