Studying for one more 271-module…

I do not enjoy the Cardiovascular System. Which is a bit of a problem, seeing that I’ve been told The Boy’s father is one of the best paediatric cardiologists around. Pray he never sees this blog then.

The problem is that the CVS is just not interesting. You may remember previous posts when I was studying for previous exams – subjects that were a real struggle for me – but there were tonnes of interesting tid-bits. Cardio, not so much.

And that says a lot, coming from someone who, when she was younger, often thought she was dying of a heart attack or some arrhythmia.

ECGs are quite a big problem. I always knew I should pay more attention in physics at school, but I never imagined it would come back to bite me in the ass in this manner. Electric stuff especially was never my favourite.

I have acquired an awesome little booklet called Making Sense of the ECG by Houghton and Gray (wonder if he is related to THE Gray? Or was that Grey?). This booklet has been a life-saver. I am actually beginning to think that ECGs are perhaps not so bad. Not interesting by a long shot, but not so bad.

I have also been trying to study the work in an integrated manner. It is the way a patient will present and also a way that makes understanding much easier. Like: Atrial Fibrillation is the failure of efficient atrial contraction, resulting in fibrillating waveforms on the ECG (a saw-tooth appearance). Can lead to haemodynamic instability and thrombus formation. Possible prescriptions include Beta Blockers and anticoagulants. If the patient is asthmatic, try cardiac-specific agents like Atenolol.

By the way, a lot of the above is probably only half-true. Don’t judge, I’m still studying and I have a week left. Like at the moment it seems like it is not actually the Myocardial Infarction that kills, but the often-resulting arrhythmias, like ventricular fibrillation. Maybe when I study a bit more extensively I will find that this is not completely true.

At this point, a message: attend your classes, kids! I definitely didn’t attend enough of them, which is why I am struggling so much. In 2011 I will be a better student!

My mom bought me some awesome coloured pens in a really cool pencil case made entirely out of a zipper. Man, I love being home for the holidays. I have quite enjoyed making pretty notes and my family has offered much support. Shame, I have been quite a grouch towards them…

I am a little bitter at having to write this exam in January, but it was my own decision. I attended International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in Montreal, Canada in June and in order to attend, I had to request a deferred exam. It was totally worth it though, but I really need to pass! I also visited New York and Connecticut at the same time.

Tomorrow (Friday 31st) marks a week to the exam. I cannot believe I almost need to return to Cape Town. I definitely need to find some enthusiasm (or enthusiasms, as a dear teacher of mine used to say) within the next week.

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