Musings on the new and the old

It is 2011 by now, but since it is still 2010 in some parts of the world, I reckon it is still legit to post this.

There were times that I thought 2010 would never end. I hate the idea of aging and death, thus I never wish for a day to go by quicker. But 2010 took LONG. I am almost tempted to mutter, “Good riddance for bad rubbish,” but that feels wrong and terrible.

In 2010, the travel bug bit me well and good when I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, Connecticut and New York. I have dreamt of visiting New York for over a decade, so it was a year of realising dreams towards which I had worked for very long.

I experienced a little of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, hosted in my country. Although I did not manage to attend any of the games, I experienced along with South African and the world what it is like for a whole country to work together and to be excited together. I watched my first match on TV from start to finish (the very first game of the Cup, in which South Africa very nearly won) and cried over a sport for the first time.

However, this year I also lost many friends. Some to death, some because I neglected them and other because they hurt me and the friendship died. And others, I suppose, due to irreconcilable differences. There are very few friends I had last year this time that I still have today, and that does sadden me. I like to think however that I have learnt a lot about friendships and relationships this year, and that I have made some very good lasting friendships.

This year, the old adage that, “those who should never hurt you eventually will; he who swears never to lie to you is the one who does” became reality to me.

Protecting my heart, my self-confidence and my privacy took on a whole new meaning for me.

I learnt that the best relationships are like a good business agreement and that love does not really contribute to the equation. Quite often the love develops afterwards, like a pleasant by-product, an unexpected profit.

I learnt that people will warn you of people and that they will turn out not to be so bad; and that people may pretend to have the best intentions but may actually have the worst.

Humans have an amazing resilience. That was something else I learnt this year.

I learnt that one’s fear of messing up can lead to even greater messing up; and that messing up is only really a problem when you are actually doing it (think about that one).

It has been a difficult year, in which I very nearly gave up a great many things. But I like to think that I am stronger now, wiser. Different.

I entered the New Year with a fresh pair of contact lenses – to see clearly; freshly-washed hair and cut nails.

Also, click this link for a piece and some photos I wrote for Youth Journalism International.

Here’s hoping 2011 treats us all well 🙂

Take care, have a blessed New Year.

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