An early birthday celebration

Tomorrow I return to Cape Town. It will be my birthday in two weeks, but since I cannot be with my family at the time, we celebrated my birthday today.

I had my very first experience purchasing jewellery. Mom and Dad wanted to buy me something special, that I can keep for a very long time and pass on to my daughter one day. We went to Denis Collins Jewellers, their favourite place to get jewellery. What a pleasant experience! They make you feel like a valued customer, show interest, pay attention, ask questions… I even got a bottle of champagne! (Well, it’s South African sparkling wine to be exact.) I now understand why my parents don’t purchase jewellery anywhere else.

I got the most beautiful tennis bracelet. It’s so dainty and feminine, and I love it.

This evening we went to a place called Pier 99, an Asian/Sushi/Seafood restaurant in East London. We went with my gran, my aunt and her friend. Again, it was amazing. I ate a seafood platter for one –I used to hate seafood but I reckon it is growing on me. I also had a Dom Pedro, which tastes really good.

I wore the pretty purple top which my Ouma bought as part of my birthday present a week ago. (She also bought me a stunning summer dress, which I will wear on my birthday.) My aunt bought me some pyjamas, which is awesome because I only have one summer set at the moment. The new ones have an Eyore image and say, “Too tired to care”.

In case you were wondering, I’m turning 21, which is a pretty big birthday. In South Africa, it’s still seen as one’s coming of age, despite everything being legal at 18 now.

I miss my little sister though; she is in Germany on Rotary Exchange at the moment.

I will post photos soon, for now I must get some rest. This will be my last night in my own bed for the next three months…

Good night!

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