Mobile Update: No more 271!

I passed my Cardiovascular examination! I really did not do very well, but considering that I still managed to enjoy my holiday and spend time with my family, I think that is alright.

I am so happy… One day, when I am an old granny with many grandchildren on my lap and telling them stories of my days as a barefoot medical student, they will think: “Granny must have gone straight from first year to third year, because she never talks about her second year.”

[Or maybe stories of my second year will become like those old war stories. We shall see.]

Many people in my class unfortunately did not pass, and there were many tears when the results came out. I wish I had stayed to comfort them, but at that point I wondered if perhaps they would not want to hear that “it is okay” from somebody who just passed and doesn’t understand what that “okay” means.

As the Academic Liaison of the student government I will be meeting with a member of faculty this afternoon to discuss the large number of fails and what the next step is, both for faculty and the relevant students.

In that way, I can hopefully also be of more help or assistance to students.

Lastly, I have been getting a lot of feedback from my readers: thank you, it means the world 🙂

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