Making good of the New Year

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. [I do know that I am two weeks late in this declaration and that it is impossible not to believe in something which indeed exists.] Moving on:

I made two promises to myself. I do not recall when I made them, but since my return to Cape Town and the start of my academic year are in such close proximity to the new year, I figured it is as good a time as any to start.

My promises are, I suppose, a little selfish, as they revolve around taking better care of my future.

  1. I will take better care of my body
  2. I will take better care of my course

Everyone has been nagging me to eat better and they are not completely incorrect in their desires. There were times last year that I lived on uncooked two-minute-noodles and Milo out of the can. Other times I binged, eating everything on which I – and my wallet – could lay my hands. And yet other times I refused to eat anything all day because I was “too busy studying” and did not want to feel guilty about eating a chocolate for supper.

I did try to eat healthily. I bought myself a smoothie-maker and made myself healthy smoothies until I hit a slump and didn’t have the energy to get up extra early. Close to the end of the year, Pick ‘n Pay sold tuna for R5 a tin. So I bought a whole lot.

At some point my poor mother stopped asking me what I had for supper and told my dad that she was getting sick of tuna sandwiches.

I think my body and my loved ones will be very happy if I take better care of myself. Maybe I will even feel better a lot of the time.

So The Boy took me shopping and we bought a few healthy things – not too many, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm myself. I have chopped and frozen some green and orange peppers, which tastes amazing on a sandwich for lunch. I also have some frozen chicken and fish fillets to make for supper. To be honest I haven’t made those this past week because I have been fed at various socials and friends. I am even eating breakfast, though admittedly only when I don’t oversleep.

Today I received a late Christmas presents from my parents: a tiny oven. Baking bread and muffins and scrumptious grilled chicken here we come!

As for taking care of my course, I don’t think I have to motivate my reasons for that.

I have attended almost all of my classes this week. I missed two hours yesterday morning because I developed a huge migraine so I had to hole up in a dark room until it became manageable. And this morning I overslept a little, but only missed an hour of class. Fortunately it was on diabetes and eye-disease, which is fairly easy to grasp as we deal with diabetes in practically every module.

I have also been paying attention – not all the time, but I am getting better at it – and revising my work at night.

For somebody who was a positively horrible student last year, I think I have made a good start to a good year. And it is not so much a selfish goal considering that it will benefit my patients one day too.


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