I’ll tell you my dirty little secrets…

Day 3: What are your guilty pleasures?

Journals: I have been journaling since I could write, which was about sixteen years ago. A few years ago I unfortunately went through an emotional spell where I destroyed heaps of my teenage journals, feeling embarrassed by what I had written. I single-handedly destroyed my personal archives.

I don’t simply journal: I use my notebooks for poems, character sketches, doodles. I love a beautiful notebook and have to force myself to finish one before starting the next.

Yesterday I discovered Moleskine® Passions. I bought the travel journal and ordered the book journal. I think I may be in paradise.

Ice Cream Ninjas: I have had a sweet tooth my entire life and I can go through a day having only chocolate (but sometimes it triggers my migraines). Recently a new little business started up in Cape Town, combining ice-cream and basically any ingredient you can think of. They prepare it in typical Ninja-style and it reminds me about how I used to spice up my own ice-cream as a little girl.

My favourite combination is half-chocolate-half-coffee ice-cream, cookie-dough, brownie and peanut butter topped with Belgian milk chocolate sauce.

By the way, their cookie-dough and brownies are amazing and hand made.

Another nice combo is half-chocolate-half-mint, with brownie, cookie dough and milo with dark chocolate sauce.

I have become a full-blown Ninjas addict and hope they will colonise South Africa before I start my internship.

Slacking: I seem to be perceived as a diligent and over-eager individual. Funnily enough I enjoy a lazy time more than most other activities. I can nap at any time of the day without struggling to fall asleep. At least I have recently heard that the body burns quite some energy while sleeping, so…

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