Letter to my readers

So here’s the thing. I get it. My writing is sometimes a little emo, sometimes a little graphic, often a little aggressive. I don’t have natural wit. When I did debating I was the structured, factual one. The first or second speaker. Never the lively third speaker who had everyone in fits of laughter while subtly ridiculing the opposition.

There is not much humour in this blog. Mostly because the funnies in my daily life are either

  1. done by patients, such as the old man who kept forgetting that we had placed a urinary catheter and kept demanding that he needs to pee. Not very appropriate to make fun of patients, see.
  2. you had to be there-moments with my clinical group, like how Guy 1 gets us in fits of laughter by proclaiming, “I figured out how dinosaurs became extinct: T-Rex’s tummy was itchy!” Get it? Get it? …Told you you wouldn’t.

Artsy-craftsy DIY’s aren’t here either because the little bit of creativity I have doesn’t see the light of day very often, what with 24-hour calls and the like.

And I don’t have a cute kid to write about, which funnily enough is a great relief to those around me.

Sometimes I write about different things. Lately I even remember to post photos. But this was started as a medical student blog. One of many, as it turns out. That sucks a little, I kind of hoped I would be one (or at least few) of a kind.

So I write for debriefing, and because I think that what I do is actually pretty darn interesting sometimes. And because I think medicine matters (oh look, I made an alliteration!) and some things need to be spoken about.

My readership has risen quite a lot lately; I appreciate all of you stopping by. I continue to enjoy your company and try to provide some good reading matter.

With love

The barefoot medical student


  1. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, even if there “isn’t much humour” in it, as you say. I’m happy to keep reading what you’re writing…although I wouldn’t mind the occasional anonymous joke at a patient’s expense (Does that make me a bad person?).

    1. Nope, that doesn’t make you bad. We tend to giggle a lot after our wards, I just wasn’t too sure if it would be acceptable to write about it. But I suppose keeping the odd incident anonymous would not be a problem.
      Thanks for the boost 🙂

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