Dusty Keepsakes for the Heart(hard)drive

A little project I attacked with some vigour during this shortish holiday was digitalising our family archives – which basically entailed scanning our family pictures to my computer (I like hyperbole, okay). My dad and I share a soft spot for the family history and I have had nightmares of losing all the old files in some stroke of bad luck.

It was a bit of a tedious task as a lot of the old photographs is fragile and once scanned, they need to be cropped. Wistful finds such as these kept me going:

1962: Mom as a baby on her grandmother’s farm. It appears we have a liking for climbing into strange places.

1966: Dad as a little boy with his beloved dog, Fritz. Dad started blogging today, be sure to have a look!


4 thoughts on “Dusty Keepsakes for the Heart(hard)drive”

  1. The picture of your mom is adorable! Congratulations on getting your dad to blog…I still haven’t taught my mom the difference between email and Facebook.

    1. Thanks 🙂 My mom struggles a bit with technology too, but she is learning. We got her a BlackBerry yesterday and she is catching on. She wants to start blogging too (writing family, apparently), but insists on a PC and not a laptop. So that will take a while longer…

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