Dusty Keepsakes for the Heart(hard)drive

A little project I attacked with some vigour during this shortish holiday was digitalising our family archives – which basically entailed scanning our family pictures to my computer (I like hyperbole, okay). My dad and I share a soft spot for the family history and I have had nightmares of losing all the old files in some stroke of bad luck.

It was a bit of a tedious task as a lot of the old photographs is fragile and once scanned, they need to be cropped. Wistful finds such as these kept me going:

1962: Mom as a baby on her grandmother’s farm. It appears we have a liking for climbing into strange places.

1966: Dad as a little boy with his beloved dog, Fritz. Dad started blogging today, be sure to have a look!


  1. The picture of your mom is adorable! Congratulations on getting your dad to blog…I still haven’t taught my mom the difference between email and Facebook.

    1. Thanks 🙂 My mom struggles a bit with technology too, but she is learning. We got her a BlackBerry yesterday and she is catching on. She wants to start blogging too (writing family, apparently), but insists on a PC and not a laptop. So that will take a while longer…

  2. Linda Coate says:

    Great play on words, Heart drive! If it only took a weekend maybe more of us could get into it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree; and it is certainly worth it.

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