Answers to Misguided Questions

WordPress has this wonderful little thing called STATS. Recently I amused myself by viewing all the search terms that has brought readers to this blog.

This one goes out to all the poor misguided souls who Googled something, landed up here and still did not get their answers. I apologise profusely.

Rice Crispy Cakes: and other variants of the words

I wrote about my sweet procrastination here, but never included the recipe. It is quick and easy. And amazing. I almost finished the lot before it could cool down.

250g Marshmallows

125g Butter or Margarine

160g (5x250mℓ) Rice Crispies

  1. Microwave the marshmallows and butter/margarine for about one minute at 100% power in a deep (3,5ℓ) microwave dish.
  2. Stir mixture well.
  3. Add Rice Crispies and mix quickly.
  4. Spoon mixture into a greased 30x20x5cm dish, spread evenly and cut into 4cm squares when firm. I don’t pay much heed to this last bit. Just go with your gut.

Medical student cartoon:

I have done one original (so proud, can ya tell?) But if you’re looking for some really good ones, try the DocCartoon or the Underwear Drawer.

Human skull landmarks, muscles: etc. etc

Anatomy sucks. Really. Invest in Netter. If I ever offer any anatomy lessons on this blog, it’s probably wrong.

Presenting a patient:

Right, so I’ve written a little about that…

Rule 1: Structurestructurestructure


Rule 3: Problem statement, History, Examination, Special Investigations, Assessment, Plan. You can’t go wrong. Refer to Rule 1.

Med student summer jobs:

Don’t do it! Normal students get summer jobs. Med students sleep. You need to.

Scrubs, black scrubs, and every other colour too

Scrubs are super. The best thing since fat jeans. Stick to your med school rules though, and they really are as numerous as the schools themselves. We are allowed standard-issue navy, black and light blue. The navy works the best in my honest opinion. Professional, doesn’t draw dust and doesn’t show dirt. Perfect.

Cute orthodontist:

Really not my thing. I wore braces for 30 months. Yes, really. Anyways, trust me, when he’s dislocating your jaw you really won’t care about his looks. Personally I like the grumpy old ones (for orthodontics only, though).

I must be a sucker for punishment. I’m at the back, an awkward, spotty, brace-faced 12-year old here.

Meningitis, how do you know if you have meningitis:

The golden rule is that concern merits a call to the doctor, if not an actual visit.

Remember that meningitis can look like the flu: sore throat, backache, exhaustion. If you or someone you know has accompanying neck stiffness, a purplish rash or are drifting in and out of consciousness, play it safe and call your doctor for an opinion. Also, read my legal disclaimer and do not attempt to diagnose yourself.

“How many hours should a medical student study”

Hah! Call me when you figure that one out… at any rate, it’s more than any of us are putting in.


  1. mimps says:

    We have “little people in a blue house”, which I guess kinda fits us! Lol we’re short, & we luv a place called Blue House!

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