When dirt was considered a toy

Summer Camp Day 22: What’s your most beloved childhood memory?

I find it difficult to answer this question because I remember so much. If I remembered anatomy as well as I remember my personal and family histories, med school would be a whole new level of awesomeness.

I remember my mom looking at me while I was in my crib and saying, “I know you are going to achieve great things [ad lib].” I remember helium balloons and praying first for a baby sister, and years later for a little brother.

There were scary times. I was afraid of the dark, of the big bad wolf and of the heaviness that sometimes settled somewhere within me.

But what I cherish most is that there was always light at home. We were always loved. My family never gave me reason to doubt the goodness of mankind. And they never gave me reason to doubt myself.

 I loved playing in the mud and making a mess. I have some adorable photos of me dressed up and pretty-like, but somehow I think that these photos are more fitting for this post

I had a sweet tooth even back then. What has changed is that I have learnt that the camera is not there to steal my nom-noms.

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