Rural Gems of the Western Cape

I don’t think I ever officially announced it here: my campaign for TSR chairperson 2011/2012 was successful. Yay!

Anyway, it was the new TSR’s team building and planning camp this past weekend. We went to a farm near Greyton, a tiny village in the Overberg region.

Having grown up in the Eastern Cape with a love for the old Transkei, I have a soft sport for small towns.

Greyton is an absolutely amazing place to visit. We attended the Saturday morning market. Everyone there is friendly and happy and were very eager to get to know us. We made particularly good friends with this lady who makes and sells the most delicious pesto, “Loret’s Pesto”. More here.

Loret’s Pesto and some TSR members

We then visited Genadendal, a township just outside Greyton. Genadendal is the oldest mission station in South Africa and was started by the Moravian Church.

The Moravian Church in the Village Square
The church bell in the Village Square

There is also a Museum which is said to be a lovely experience, but we unfortunately did not have time to go there.

Although living conditions here are still harsh, the village’s historic significance is well-preserved. The people are also amazing and everyone that sees you, will greet you.

We lost our hearts here…


  1. Wow! You were TSR chairperson! That’s really cool!

    1. Haha, thank you. That was very long ago though 😉

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