Surgery Woes

The day you start Med School, everyone tells you that it is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy.

And when, two years later, you are finally unleashed upon the poor unsuspecting state patients, you realise: it’s exactly like Grey’s.

Except, funnily enough…  in surgery.

I finally made it to my third year abdominal surgery rotation. It is not really fun.

I suppose it may just be the luck of the draw, but I find it boring… pancreatic debridement, sigmoidectomy, rectopexy, appendectomy by the thousands.

Here’s some gut, here’s some more gut, oh look! There’s an organ! Oh, it’s rotten. Let’s cut it out!

And there is lots of… excrement. Let us not forget that. Somehow, to me, it is worse than placenta.

And the surgeons? They are quite temperamental.

Like I said, maybe the timing is just all wrong, but so far… I am not enjoying surgery.

I admit, it makes me a little sad. I have never been particularly set on it as a specialisation, but the field is so glorified. I cannot help but fear that not enjoying it, might mean I am sub-par.


  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that people in medicine fall into two categories: those who love surgery and think it’s the most amazing thing in the world, and those who hate surgery and think it’s insufferably boring. I haven’t really encountered many people who fall between the two extremes. No idea what it is that determines into which category a person falls, but I am most definitely in the latter.

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