China Part II: Scenic Learning

The overall reason for our trip to China was a liaison-opportunity with Hunan University. We had the opportunity to explore the university grounds and to interact with the students.

Having experienced Stellenbosch Main Campus – a beautiful campus – it was a pleasant surprise to explore an equally beautiful (albeit differently so) campus.

Walking from the main building after our official welcoming by the university chairman and professors. Hunan University dates back to 976AD and was one of Chairman Mao Zedong’s self-proclaimed favourites. Note his statue in the background.

We spent most of our time at Yuelu Academy, the oldest and most prestigious part of the university. Also one of the most beautiful parts. This was taken walking from the main building to the Academy.

The influence of Confucianism is very clear and interesting on the campus. Much of the philosophies and appearance speaks thereof.

And there are Confucianism Temples and monasteries around the Academy.

This contains a list of things one must do in order to be a good student. I cannot remember them all, but one of them is “not to spend any time on matters that are unrelated to academics.” So that¬†must be the reason I am such a bad student…

A map of the campus with Kai, whom we called “Our fearless leader”.

My favourite view at the university.

Note that our interaction with the Hunan students was just as beautiful and far more interesting, but writing about that will take a considerate amount of time – something not at my disposal during exam times.


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