Book Review: Disease

My favourite part about short respites from med school is being able to go to the library and get awesome books to read.

I get bored easily (my biggest problem while studying), so I don’t hesitate when I find a medical book that looks half interesting.

Disease by Mary Dobson is one such book. It chronicles some of the biggest killers through the history of mankind – from the well-known measles, small pox and syphilis to lesser-known Ebola, Kuru and Elephantitis. It focuses on disease of the past and the present and offers superb insight into epidemiology and the history of disease.

The book is enjoyable in using various angles to tell the stories, as well as the replicated first-hand accounts of civilizations of the time.

It is not just medicine – it is history and sociology too. It is certainly not a book only for those in the medical field.

If all my textbooks were like this, I would undoubtedly fare better academically. At any rate, perhaps this will peak my interest for some of next year’s modules.


    1. Find it, it will change your life (or at least a little part of it). If books weren’t so expensive in South Africa I would actually buy it to keep it, it is beautiful and captivating like that.

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