Flashback to Surveys

The Broke and the Bookish suggested this quick Bookish Survey, reminiscent of the millions of surveys we all filled out in the days of myspace…

The Book I’m Currently Reading:

Fallen by Kate Lauren – a book on my TBR list, which I’m reading because The Boy loved it so much. I am not enjoying it; the writing is more pedantic and childish than the Twilight saga… but the storyline is gripping.

The Last Book I Finished:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – indescribably amazing and all I can say is if you have not yet: read it.

The Next book I Want to Read:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – I have heard too many good reviews of this YA novel to ignore it. It is also on the aforementioned TBR list.

The Last Book I Bought:

PostSecret by Frank Warren – I do not buy reading books for myself; they have to be something I can look at again and again. I’m a PostSecret nut and couldn’t wait any longer to get my first one.

The Last Book I was Given:

Inner Harbour by Nora Roberts – Mum bought this at a book sale. I am keeping it for a time in Cape Town when I am far from a library, so have not yet started reading it.

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