Healing Hands

Granny says I have healing hands.

I doubt she know how much that – seemingly a casual observation – means to me in this no-man’s land between starting and finishing medical education.

Growing up, I would rub her feet, paint her toenails, massage her shoulders. Perhaps when she said then, “Oh, you should become a physiotherapist,” she planted the first seeds of med school.

I rubbed her feet the other day. Tired from gardening, Christmas shopping, looking after her frail cat; and she says,

“Oh, this is wonderful. Do you do this for your patients too?”

“Patients? No, no. I only do this for special people like you.”

Ouma and her grandchildren

4 thoughts on “Healing Hands

  1. Back home in rural part we had this guy who had healing foot. The miracle healer (you may call that voodoo healer) would kick patients in the groin as part of his therapy. Idea is go inflict enough pain so that patient forgets everything else. Few minutes later the patient will walk or limp (depending upon how alert or defensive he was) home forgetting everything including his own identify. Later in the stage just the sight of the healer would cure the toughest ailments of the patients. And yes he was always barefoot.
    I’ll read & comment your other posts once I get over the legal mumbo-jumbo unless you want to simplify it for me in one line, easy enough for my minimal intelligence to comprehend.

    1. Hallo! That’s funny, are you quite serious?? Were was this?
      I answered about the legal mumbo jumbo on your other comment 🙂 by the way I highly doubt that you have “minimal intelligence”. Hope to see you soon!

      1. Well, this in line with your legal fine print. “Does not represent any person alive or dead but my wild imagination.” I am just pulling your legs (or say bare foot) on the fine print. I like your creative writing and as long it is on public domain no one is going to stop me from coming here and I’ll fell free to exercise my freedom of expression.

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