Six Things I Learned This Summer

Friday I return to Cape Town. Monday I commence my fourth year of medical school. This year holds theory modules of Infectious Diseases, Anaesthesiology, the Skin and more. Some of the clinical rotations will include Forensic Pathology, Dermatology, Internal, Neonatology and Gynaecology.

It promises to be a good year, if I can remain well and perform my chairperson duties successfully.

But I am always sad to leave home. Cape Town is beautiful, but it will never be home if my family is not here.

I have had a lovely six-week summer holiday, with no studying required. It may be six months before I see my family again. Here is what my summer taught me:

  1. I have forgotten how to push myself

Little Sister and I went jogging often. The most difficult part was no stopping when I felt out of breath (she helped though, she can be a mean coach). I realised that I had changed from high school, where I would push through several days without sleep to complete tasks, debates and whatnot. Pushing oneself is not always a bad thing. Exercise is a phenomenal way to remember this.

  1.  I can cook

I perfected four dishes: Indian Butter Chicken, Banana Bread, Chocolate Cake and Marmite and Cheese bread. Mum says I need no longer live off tuna and raw noodles. Very true. Friend says he’ll place the Poison Control Center on speed dial, just in case.

  1. I can clean house and still be a feminist

Many guests = dirty house. It was actually vaguely enjoyable to clean the kitchen (I’m addicted to Detol Kitchen Cleaner) and vacuuming the house is a major workout. I still suck at ironing. I consider it my female prerogative.

  1. Social skills need constant maintenance

My family soon found that I was less talkative and more hermit-ish. Being outspoken, they told me that and I’m glad. I have allowed myself to shrink into the background too quickly, which is just not me. The holidays also helped me to talk about non-medical things a bit more fluently.

  1. I can still read. Yay! You need only visit the last month’s posts to see proof.

  2. Being a medical student does not absolve me from sunburn. Ouch.


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