A Tainted World

My world changed overnight.

Not that it was peaceful before. Oh, there was fear. There were statistics. There were the horror stories, and my own family’s horror story of loss.

But my world became scarier now. There is danger everywhere. Even the benign is two-faced. My world has become one where jealous boyfriends stab little girls to prove a point. A world where brothers kill brothers with a force that destroys the entire thoracic compartment.

Nobody is safe in this world – not from harm, nor from tragedy.

It has become a world where day-old babies are drowned, where old men are attacked brutally, where suicide is discovered only when the deceased is barely recognisable.

So many people who couldn’t be saved by doctors – it is the very picture of the shortcomings of this career.

It is a world of morbid fascination – somebody’s gotta do the job.

It is the boogieman of adulthood.

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