“Interviewing” our Forensic Pathologist

The Forensic Pathologist in charge of our clinical group these past two weeks was one of the best doctors that has worked with us.

She gave us confidence and got us to such a point that we were willing to ask questions.

We asked her why she decided to go into this field, and she said that it is always intellectually stimulating and that the hours are, for the most part, conducive to a good family and social life.

She says that she also loves paediatrics, but the periods on call are inhumane, and easily squashes the most passionate paediatrician.

We asked her if she misses patient contact, and she admitted that she does – but that there are also many things she doesn’t miss.

We also asked her if she eats meat: she does.

I have rarely met a doctor who manages to cause such enthusiasm in a group of tired medical students.

She realised soon enough that our knowledge of anatomy was poor, but instead of making us out as lazy, she went out of her way to give us a crash-course.

On Friday, our last day of the rotation, she ensured us that we would always be welcome to approach her with questions, even one day if we are family physicians in rural areas (where GPs perform autopsies).

I may actually be interested in this specialisation now. There are still many years to decide, and many matters to consider, but I am so thankful for her enthusiasm.


  1. how long are these rotations?

    1. We do four weeks theory and four weeks practical, alternating. Some rotations, like Dermatology and Forensics, are shorter: so we will do two weeks derms and two weeks forensics, within one four week rotation period.

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