Superspecialists use elevators?

Me. Gobsmacked.

So I had one of those gobsmacked experiences today.

Running to catch an elevator to the eighth floor, someone held the doors open for us.

Someone who is a very scary super-super-super specialist, and quite famous for his research. And he is a formidable professor who has the propensity to make one feel rather unintelligent.

So he smiles as we enter, and I mumble something incoherent in the line of, “Hullo Prof.”

Fortunately he suppresses the urge to tutor us on some or other topic we doubtlessly know nothing about. He laves, and all I can say to my ammused clinical partner is, “He uses an elevator?!”


2 thoughts on “Superspecialists use elevators?

  1. I always find it fascinating how down to earth sometimes all these great doctors are.
    Hello from Latvian med school student (ou my session, I should study anatomy, but I am sitting at computer and reading blog articles 😀 )

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