The Anti-Valentine #3

It’s STI/Condom awareness week in South Africa! I find it mildly amusing that this takes place during Valentine’s Week – whether that was intended as a buzz-kill is debatable. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, if you support it.

I remember many soppy and not-so-soppy Valentine’s Days in my past. There were the times I nervously awaited the day, wishing for a secret note. There were the times that the secret note didn’t come from the boy that I wanted. There were the wishes for a first kiss when I was twelve.

Then there were five years in an all-girl’s school, where I learned to love myself – and suddenly I started being noticed.

However you spend this day, remember that VD is also the abbreviated form of Venereal Disease.

Excellent ad campaign by MTV. No offense meant to my more conservative readers.

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