The Anti-Valentine #4

It’s STI/Condom Awareness Week! I find it mildly amusing that it is during Valentine’s Week. Am I trying to be a buzz-kill? Maybe… Nah. In reality, I just want to minimise the number of people I deal with who have STIs. It’s hella embarassing for them, and I’d much rather treat a strep throat.

So in all honesty, I also tend to shut down when somebody starts talking about STIs and condoms. We’ve heard it all.

But maybe not. Funny thing about gonorrhoea: Initially it was treated with penicillin. About ten years down the line, it became resistant. So we moved on to the various cephalosporins. Yay for pharmacology!

Last year, a strain was cultured from a Japanese man which was completely resistant to all cephalosporins.

So what’s next?

There isn’t something next. We don’t yet have a drug that can treat these resistant bacteria.

Maybe I’m a nerd, but that scares me more than most horror films do.


  1. d. durand says:

    Resistant strains of venereal diseases is indeed a scary development, and I imagine the next step, if the governing bodies, i.e. World Health Organization, IMF, and World bank, could have their druthers, folks with such afflictions would be quarantined and subsequently euthanized. It may sound outrageous, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

    1. I would be very surprised, as nobody has tried to quarantine those with HIV, a much more lethal disease, with much smaller hope of a cure. Interesting view though, I am sure there are those in power who would wish to do so – but I would definitely not support it.

  2. d. durand says:

    I think Cuba quarantines those with HIV, not sure about anyone else. By the way I was just giving an extreme example of one possible solution. A bit of a joke, however bad it was and I offer my apologies if I offended. I’m not totally off my rocker just yet. Have a great weekend, and if you are looking for some good music (my opinion) stop by and check out my music blog. Peace.

    1. Nah, I knew it was a joke and took no offense; interesting about Cuba actually, I’ll look into that.
      Yeah I’m really interested in Boabab! But couldn’t find them on YouTube 😦

      1. d. durand says:

        Did you check their Facebook page? If not I got you:


        Official website


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