We See a Light

As part of Infectious Diseases, we must learn about Syndromic Management. It is not the best approach for a qualified doctor, but it is important to understand – especially in a primary health care setup.

During one of these tutorials, the doctor in charge made us close our books and asked us about our approaches to the full waiting room and the possibly accute patient.

We answered well.

She told us we had good seventh senses. The seventh sense? Common sense.

Then she said: “Going by your answers, you are pretty much safe to go work in a clinic.”

We just sat and stared at her. Eventually we realised, “This woman has just complimented us. She just called us almost-doctors.”

I wish someone could take an f-MRI of our brains at the time. I bet you it would be alight and a-buzz and happy.

This doctor probably gave us enough motivation for the rest of the year. Why can’t they all be that nice?


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