My Crazy (Lazy) Thyroid

So, if you have known me (or my blog) for a while, you will have noticed that I sleep a lot, I eat a lot, and I get downright emo very often.

My schedule in high school didn’t really allow for this, so I assumed that these “experiences” were part of some sort of maladjustment to university life, or maybe just plain laziness after pushing myself so hard during high school.

Only, recently it became more and more unmanageable. I would sleep for at least eight hours a day and then take an afternoon nap of two to four hours. And still be able to sleep that night.

I struggled to concentrate and felt my brain had shrunk. I had uncontrollable food cravings.

About a month ago, I decided that it couldn’t all be attributed to mood (more about that later) and asked my doctor to run a work-up. For the first time, after complaining of exhaustion for more than five years, somebody drew my blood.

Result? Raised TSH, consistent with subclinical hypothyroidism. Low Ferritin.

So I have now been on some lovely meds for about three weeks and have not progressed nearly as well as I had hoped – but, because I know how these things work, I try to be patient. Yesterday morning I woke up, by myself, after six hours of sleep.

It was wonderful.

And terrible.

I realised that it will take more than medication to get me out of an entrenched routine. Because, no kidding, I’ve grown to love sleeping all. the. time.

And my food cravings introduced me to delicious food.

So, dear crazy Thyroid: I would say nice to meet you, but it isn’t, really. At least you still exist.

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