The ABCs of Me

Gerry’s Space has nominated “everyone who enjoys this world of blogs” for the ABC (Awesome Blog) Content Award.

1. Share something about yourself using each letter of the alphabet

2. Pay the award forward to however many

So without further ado:

Afrique du Sud – the country of my heart

Books – my first love

Chocolate – my most guilty pleasure

Disease – the thing that gives me a profession, and the thing I work towards erradicating

Eltroxin – a life-saver

French – one day I will learn to speak it, and visit Paris, and own a quaint little place in the South of France, and it will be positively wonderful.

Growth – I’m not very tall, but I do as much as I can to ensure I keep growing in other aspects of my life

Hungry – I often am. Meh, the life of a student.

India – where I want to go for my elective at the end of this year

Jokes – I am not a funny person and I am embarrassingly bad at making jokes. But I do love lolcats!

Karate – I have a Brown Belt 2nd kyu

Love – I’m not much of a romantic anymore and I muse about what love really means a lot. But there is no doubt that I love my family, my friends, this life, beyond measure.

Montreal – one of my favourite cities

New York – another favourite city

Obstetrics – one of my favourite rotations so far. All I want to do is catch babies…

Paradise – by Coldplay, one of my favourite South African music videos by a non-South African band

Quiet – I can be quite noisy, but I love a quiet spot, to be alone with my thoughts

Raucous – I love being raucous with the friends close to me. It’s a side of me people rarely see.

Semester at Sea – I want to do it. I will find a way.

Ticklish – people should tickle me more. I need to laugh more often.

Untidy – if a cluttered desk if a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk?

Variety – I get bored SO easily. It’s part of the reason why I hate sitting down to study.

Worldwide – I consider myself a global citizen. One day I will travel the world.

Xhosa – a language I should learn ASAP. It will make my job so much easier.

Yesterdays haunt me. I am learning to let go and to be a more relaxed person.

Zhangjiajie – the most beautiful place I have ever visited, and I never knew it existed.

I am tagging a bunch of medical students with awesome blogs:

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8 thoughts on “The ABCs of Me

  1. heheh I love the “C” for chocolate. It’s my favorite too! I don’t like desserts that are too too sweet, and bitter dark chocolate always hits the spot. Yum!

    1. I am trying to cut down on my chocolate consumption, but it is sooooo dificult! And dark chocolate is just loooooovely. I’m slowly losing my taste for things that are too sweet, too. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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