Thyroid Thursday and Appearances

So, if you have known me (or my blog) for a while, you will have noticed that I sleep a lot, I eat a lot, and I get downright emo very often.

Last week I wrote about finally pushing for a diagnosis. It seems a lot of patients are having to push for diagnoses, and that annoys me. Doctors should do that all by themselves.

A while ago, I saw a patient at a voluntary clinic. Hypothyroidism was on the differential diagnosis, albeit not at the top of the list.

Upon presentation to the doctor in charge, he snorted and said,

“Look at her. Does she look hypothyroid to you?”

I honestly wanted to smack him upside the head.

Because if somebody had listened to what I was saying for five years (rather than looking at me and deciding that I don’t fit the profile simply because of my BMI) then perhaps this thyroid thing wouldn’t be quite so annoying.


  1. nazirahidris says:

    I feel medicine has become more about prejudices and so-called “common sense” than creatively and correctly identifying diagnosis.

    1. Exactly! I think we have become so enamoured with epidemiological trends that we forget about contextual application.

  2. allthewaydoc says:

    thyroid issues are so difficult. my mother has taken thyroid for years even though she had low normal levels but it makes an incredible difference in the way she feels!

    Callousness is very common regardless of the level or degree one holds in a medical profession. One must guard their heart against it!

    1. It does make a remarkable difference… Thanks for stopping by!

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