How Do Doctors Get Fat?

Also titled: Doctors Have No Imagination

Or: How do doctors manage to have an apetite?

This is not a judgemental post. It is just an example of why I think doctors have deep-seated love-hate relationships with food.

When you have scarlet fever, you get a strawberry tongue:

Babies born to mothers with Syphilis can get Blueberry Muffin Syndrome:

Upper gastrointestinal bleeding can lead to coffee ground vomiting (and this is just a picture of real coffee grounds, because apparently nobody has ever been intrigued enough by their coffee-ground vomitus to photograph it):

And lastly, Granuloma Inguinale (an STI caused by Callymatobacterium Granulomatis) causes a characteristic beefy-red ulcer. And no, I won’t post a picture of that.


10 thoughts on “How Do Doctors Get Fat?

  1. I love how doctors choose to describe things based on food. To make it easier to recognize. I got currant jelly as a wedding gift. All I could think of was currant jelly stool from intusseception. And cottage cheese has never been the same since treating many, many yeast infections in primary care.
    And yet, I can still eat all of these things. And more. Strange. Very strange.

  2. I forgot about those! I guess it does help – but I’d rather they have descriptive words for pharms, which I find way more difficult than morphology and clinical signs…
    But yeah, unfortuantely my appetite hasn’t changed much either. They only time I struggled to eat was after delivering a baby and placenta from a chorioamnionitis case.

  3. I was disappointed when I saw you wouldn’t post that last picture…

    …and then I remembered WHERE Granuloma Inguinale actually infects. So thank you for sparing us all.

  4. Don’t forget Port wine stain, ice creame headache, cauliflower ear, water melon stomache, and my favorite is Cafe au lait spots ….They even have names for food professions, i.e. baker cyst, Brewer kidney lol

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