Ode to a Great GP

Med School is tough. It makes you feel like an idiot. The consultants don’t help much. They seem to forget that we are here to learn first, and only later to be examined.

So for Family Medicine, I expected to be supervised by a specialist family physician. Instead, we were one of the few groups working with a general practitioner. And from now on, you can give me a GP like him any day.

This doctor was so eager to teach. When I told him I had never done a lumbar puncture, he said, “That’s okay, I’ll walk you through it.” He definitely chucked me into the deep end very often, but he made sure that I managed to swim.

We made stupid mistakes often, and answered his questions incorrectly, and he smiled and corrected us.

When we did something without being asked, he praised us.

It was amazing. And did we walk all over him, like doctors appear to think will happen if they show a modicum of humanity?


The best part ever?

The doctor called us a bunch of over-achievers. This was by far the funniest, and most heart-warming thing for two average medical students.


  1. TrishaDM says:

    I agree with you completely. Some consultants make the learning process so terrifying. For reasons that are sometimes beyond me. I have word with a few, including one GP who taught with such joy and were so agreeable to work with that I feel I learned more… And feared less. The GP in question single-handedly improved my surgical skills by forcing me to do every minor procedure that came to our clinic and ER, despite me being slow and dreadful at it. In the end his patience and assistance has saved me from being killed in my fourth year surgical rotations. Thank goodness for good teachers!

    1. Exactly! This GP has definitely made a huge contribution to the lives of my future patients.

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