When Books Struggle

Books I started while away for family medicine:

I finished the first two. However, the one book I had hoped to finish, I could not: Steve Jobs’ biography. I cannot remember when last I struggled so much with a single book. Finish it I will. If only for the challenge.


  1. I’m interested by Job’s biography, but part of me is so hesitant because I feel like it’s not quite complete since his death happened so class after. There needs to be an addendum we can print out and paste in.

    1. Good point. If you do ever read it, let me know what you think. I’ll post a review once I’ve finished it.

  2. I’ve looked at Steve Job’s biography a few times, and your post has strongly motivated me to not buy it. Thanks for saving me the money!

    1. I always feel terrible when I’ve convinced people not to buy a book – but i’m glad i could be of assistance. Maybe read the first chapter or so at your local library just for clarity.

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