Delayed St Patrick’s Day Post

Here’s the thing about the Boy and me: We expose each other to different realities. I take him to formal balls and artsy films that he tries to write off to his so-called snobby past. He keeps me grounded and reminds me to have some fun.

Last Saturday he dragged me to a St Patrick’s Day party at his older sister’s place. Somebody on my twitter TL made some snotty comment about strong women being able to say “no” until they are in a relationship – but to be honest, taking me to a party is really one of the lesser evils a guy can do. Especially since his sister and brother-in-law are doctors, and most of the people there were doctors and past the age of getting black-out drunk.

So the Boy dressed up in full Leprechaun-garb, I never knew that mathematician’s could be so funny… and I got away with something a little less dramatic, but I rather enjoyed it nonetheless.

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