My Wish for World TB Day

As posted yesterday, today is World Tuberculosis Day. StopTB has this really cool campaign where you can make your own stopTB poster about your goals for this disease. The theme is “Stop TB in my lifetime”, which I think is an excellent motive.

This is the poster I made:

One is allowed only to click on pre-decided slogans. My real, and most pressing TB issue today, is this:

That health care workers will take greater care of their own lungs. In the Western Cape, where I live, TB is more concentrated than anywhere else in the world. Yet I too often see doctors and nurses walking among TB patients in the wards and examining them without the appropriate masks.

We would not operate without gloves because we are aware of the HIV/AIDS risk. So why do we not protect ourselves as adequately against another chronic disease with severe mortality and morbidity?

To some extent, much is to blame on the government. When I was on family medicine, there were no N95-TB masks available.

So this is my wish: That you will take care of your lungs as you would want your parent or your child to do.

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