What’s That Book Wednesday

A meme I’ve been wanting for a while now, especially since I’ve joined The Broke and The Bookish with Top Ten Tuesdays.

As a kid, I read a ton of books (and a lot of them relatively good reading material). But some of those were not well-known apparently.

Do you know this book, it’s name, it’s author? I’d like to hear from you.

This week’s book is about a little boy who was born blind. In the book, he is injured and his dad says he can have a reward for his bravery. The boy decides that he wants a cat (even though his dad does not like cats). He decides to call the cat “Perkins”, like the braille-typewriter.

I loved this book, perhaps because of my dad’s history, or maybe just because it was written so well. I’m convinced the book is called “Perkins”, but I can’t find it anywhere (or on Goodreads).

If you know it, let me know!


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