Thyroid Thursday and Crazy Trainees

Ah, the life of a training pharmacist: I have now been taking Eltroxin for one month and three weeks. The last time I had to fetch my repeat, I had the bad luck of walking into a pharmacy where the pharmacist had gone to lunch and left the place in control of his trainees.

At first I thought they were just spinning a little – a little overwhelmed.

But then I heard someone exclaim:

Trainee 1: “But we don’t have Eltroxin 50mg!”

Trainee 2: “So just make her take more than one tab a day!”

I got a bit of a fright and waved them over – and resisted the urge to ask if they were trying to kill me. (Because I know that mistakes are easy to make.)

The script says 50 MICROgrams, not miligrams.


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