There Was This Boy: Your Future Matters

A few times every year I see on Facebook, blogs and Twitter how high school students consider their options for life after school. 

There was this boy I dated in high school. He was not a genius, but he performed as an above-average student. He did well in Maths, Science and Biology. He was good at interpersonal relations.

In short, he was not meant to be a candidate for struggles later in his life.

But he had a family job lined up and decided, despite advice from people who cared for him, not to study after school. After all, he was the heir to the family business.

But the family business has now become insolvent. He, his older brother and his parents have no means of an income. His little sisters are still at school. And he cannot find another job, because he has virtually no experience and no qualifications either.

I am sad. I can’t offer him much help. And I am a little disappointed, because this needn’t have been his situation.

There are many unemployed people the world over who have qualifications and still cannot find a job, I know this; but I think his job-hunt may have been a little easier had he had some form of CV.

My heart breaks for the many people who cannot find jobs despite their best efforts. My biggest wish is that all young people (even the “trust fund babies”) will consider the long run and prepare for tougher times.

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