Easter Away from Home

My family is big into family-stuff. I can’t say I have always been appreciative of that (I am often a grumpy, anti-establishment child), but I love my family. And there is nothing I love more than spending family-time with my family.

Easter is such a family-holiday. And this year is the first time that I spend Easter away from my family. It’s difficult, and what’s worse is that it’s not even a matter of clinical obligations. It’s just that for the first time, plane tickets were flat-out unaffordable.

I hate petrol prices.

Fortunately, The Boy is making this long-weekend very special.

Yesterday we went to the V&A Waterfront. Neither of us really like the place, because it is teeming with tourists and so everything is super-expensive. But he needed to buy something there. And I suppose it’s kind of pretty.

There’s a Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Parlour there. Their ice cream is really expensive in South Africa, so I’ve never eaten there. But he decided, “Try everything once.”

So we did. This ice cream cost ZAR70! That’s about 7 Euro. Ridiculous. But it was delicious. Not that ANY ice cream should ever cost that much. No matter how wealthy you are. He said, “You should enjoy it, because as long as I’m paying we are never having this again.”

Funnier part: he locked his keys in his car. I climbed in via his sun-roof. I thought it was funny, but I think he was a little embarrassed.

I miss my family. I guess it’s part of growing up. But Easter and Christmas will always be family-time for me.

So today we eat lots of chocolate. As my Friend says,

“I think it’s a law or something.”


  1. “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays”…it really does relate to all holidays. I’m currently an hour away from having my entire family over, and even though I don’t have any particular fondness for them, being away for so long makes me appreciate them. I hope the same applies to you (except the disliking one’s family part..haha)

    1. Thanks for visiting 🙂
      Yes, since coming to university I have learned to appreciate my family so much more!

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