Ectoparasite Infections in Art, Literature and History

Because today is a study day (and I would like to study, for once), today is a quick post.

One of the chapters in Dermatology is about ectoparasite infections of the skin. These include crabs (Pthirus Pubis) and fleas (yes, humans can get fleas).

And, just to show how relevant these are, here is your daily dose of fun, in two portions.


4 thoughts on “Ectoparasite Infections in Art, Literature and History”

  1. Years ago, when I was planning a trip to Morocco, a friend’s mother warned me never to ride camels. She had got fleas in the area that connected with said saddle on a visit there in the swinging sixties. I never got to Morocco but her advice has stayed with me and I’ve never ridden a camel either.

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