Teaching People To Walk Better

This past week, Stellenbosch University has been celebrating the successes of the Hope Project (about which I have written before).

In two years, the SU has made leaps and bounds of improvements in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, agriculture and science. For more on all that, you can check out these two sites or read the virtual paper here.

I’m particularly enamoured by the story of Hillary Lane, who was born with Cerebral Palsy and had significant gait disturbances and pain such that she preferred not to walk.

The SU Faculty of Health Sciences has a Motion Analysis Centre, and a lot of their upgrades have been made by means of the HOPE Project. Using the technology at this centre, Lane’s gait could be improved in such a way that she completed the NYC Marathon in 2011. 42 Kilometres. Something I, fully able-bodied, am not sure I want to attempt.

I like this. I think it’s great for the Allied Health Sciences (who are often scorned by old-school doctors) and I think it is great for the CP-community.

But, this is not my story to tell. Watch the clip below to hear more about it first-hand.

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