More Proof of Doctors’ Lack of Imagination

Since my last post regarding the delicious names doctors tend to give medical morphologies elicited such a nice response, I decided to share some more.

Warning: the following post may or may not result in a loss of appetite.

(Lindt) Chocolate Cyst – I just added the Lindt by myself. Chocolate is my vice, and so especially is expensive imported stuff. A chocolate cyst is a complication of endometriosis. A build-up of blood, caused by ectopic endometrial tissue, eventually turns brown.

Apple Jelly nodules are found in patients with Lupus Vulgaris – that is, Tuberculosis of the skin. I’ve never seen apple jelly, but I don’t think I would now like to eat it.

Image from DermNetNZ

Currant Jelly stool is a phenomenon that appears on the occurrence of intussuception – which pretty much causes bowel obstruction. So it’s a mixture of stool, blood and mucus. I didn’t post a picture of the real things because a) it looks exactly the same and b) all the pictures included baby bums and I don’t know how I feel about that on my blog.

Trish was also kind enough to remind me of the similarity between yeast infections and cottage cheese, which is often described as such in our textbooks. I’ll save you from that image also.

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