Morbid Cartoon Anatomy

You know what’s awesome about fourth year? The lecturers go through so much effort to teach us. They put together nice slideshows, they share interesting tid-bits and they are friendly. They could have saved us all a lot of grief if all lecturers were this nice from first year. But I digress.

Anatomical art, which once took the world by storm (think: Frank Netter) is back and cooler than ever. Our lecturers have been alluding to some artists in their presentations. Here are some examples. I include links to the artists’ sites where I was able to find them. Please visit them, I will only include one example of each here.

Michael Paulus has an entire series of popular cartoon anatomy:

Jason Freeny has some really cool digitally animated anatomic drawings and cutaway sculptures. They include Mr Potato Head, Gummie Bears and Kewpie Dolls.

Perhaps the most realistic-looking (and slightly freaky) is done by South Korean Hyung Koo Lee. I couldn’t find his site, but this one is relatively good. He has sculptures of Goofy, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry…

I find that these are a very different (albeit fascinating) look at characters from my childhood. I have to wonder how non-medical individuals feel about these. Let me know what you think!


17 thoughts on “Morbid Cartoon Anatomy

  1. They’re brilliant – if slightly eerie. I love Jason Freeny’s balloon dog anatomy chart, but Michael Paulus’ Powerpuff girls are slightly scary – I think it’s the huge eye-sockets!

    (I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, by the way, and just plucked up the courage to comment (: )

    1. Oh, thanks for letting me know and nice to finally meet you 🙂
      The Powerpuff girls are a little freaky in those drawings, no kidding. And the balloon dog is another level of trippy 😛
      Hope to see you around here again!

      1. (: Aw thanks, and I will be back (but in a friendly way, not an ominous one).
        I think it probably was my comment settings – think I’ve fixed it now though 🙂

  2. Wow! Yeah, maybe it is all a little macabre, but I love it. I wish that I could justify the expense to buy one of Paulus’ prints. Maybe one of the Powerpuff girl ones? I think they were the most unnerving. Love!

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