Med Students Do Crazy Student Things Too

Earlier this week I saw this fun experience occurring right before my eyes. And for once I had a camera on hand and snapped away shamelessly:

There were three kids from my campus who were collecting some boxes and things (for what I don’t know). Problem one was that for everything to fit, only two of them could sit in the car. The other problem was that everything couldn’t fit- they needed the roof. But they didn’t have rope to tie it.

So they made a plan. Without a helmet. I hope they didn’t get a fine, because considering I haven’t heard of an accident I assume they arrived at their destination safely. Perhaps their destination was somewhere on campus.

Anyway, I laughed.

6 thoughts on “Med Students Do Crazy Student Things Too

  1. the driving that I have seen in other countries is a bit on the scary side thanks for visiting my blog. I hope the pretzel recipe works for you. I made another batch today..MMmm

    1. Yeah! The scariest driving I’ve ever seen was in China last year… I almost got run over several times. But South Africa has very scary driving too. Thanks! I haven’t made it yet, but I fully intend to.

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