TTT: Big Brother Author – A Bite of Reality!

Don’t you just love reality shows? Okay I don’t really, but I can’t seem to drag my eyes away from them. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore of own accord, but if it’s playing in a room I enter, I can’t help but pay attention. It’s embarrassing actually.

Authors are notoriously absent from reality shows. The Broke and the Bookish asks  for our top ten authors you’d like to see on a reality show – and which reality show.

So today we fill up a house and force completely different people to share, live and breathe each other’s personal space. Yeah, this is probably one of the most trashy and promiscuous reality shows out there, but you can’t say it’s not entertaining. Let’s meet our contestants.

1. George Orwell from Nineteen Eighty-Four fame – creator of the concept, Orwell really doesn’t have a choice but to be a housemate. Although it’s been on my TBR list forever, I’m yet to read Orwell. But I shall. Also, there is no rule that states the authors have to be currently alive.

2. Cherise Sinclair from the Shadowlands novels – these BDSM books are definitely not for everyone, but every house needs a uninhibited and steamy contestant. And I always say, “Regardless of what they read: as long as they READ.”

3. Stephenie Meyer from Twilight Saga fame – she confused me by writing Twilight, which I hated, and then writing The Host, which was UH-MAY-ZING! So I need a dealbreaker. And any case, she is one of those love-hate authors. It’s always fun to have someone that will get the bets rolling.

4. John Green from The Fault in our Stars – having just recently finished this book, I’ll admit to knowing nothing of the author, except that he has a genuine and novel perception of life and is a keen observer. I think he has the surprise-factor and will keep quite a few glued to the screens.

5. Waris Dirie, renowned activist and author of Desert Flower – I’ll admit, this is a shameless publicity stunt. I want more awareness of female genital mutilation and actually just the plight of women the world over. I don’t think Dirie would consent to such frivolity, but I do think she would give some depth to the show. Also, this woman is really good looking. No sexism intended.

6. Dan Brown from The Da Vinci Code – this man is intelligent and informed, but if his books are anything to go by, he has the immense potential to seriously piss people off. And a house without some tiffs is really no fun to view at all. You know those late-night debates? Yeah, he’ll be in them.

7. Kathryn Stockett from The Help – politically correct and a fighter for what is right – really another debate-starter. I think a lot of people would try to get a reaction out of her.

8. J.R.R. Tolkien from The Lord of the Rings – this is shameless of me, really, but there are too many people who do not read but have loved LOTR movies. One needs those characters who will attract an audience. I’m sure Tolkien has many other reasons for being a compelling asset to the house too.

9. John van de Ruit, South African author of Spud – if he is anything like the characters in his books, he loves mischief; and who doesn’t like the housemate who hides the cutlery or pulls similar pranks on the already-flustered housemates?

10. William Shakespears who needs no further introduction – he will confuse everyone with his use of language. He will be confused by modern-day use of English. He will intimidate some and annoy others. And where there is Shakespeare, there is love triangles and hamartias and all-round tragicomedy.

What do you think? Who will be the first to go? Who stands in line to win a bigger paycheck they could ever have dreamed of? Who will cause drama and who will be plain annoying?


  1. marissa says:

    love your list!


  2. I kinda want this to be a “group of authors you want to hang out with all day” instead of on a reality tv show because I want them to sit at my kitchen table and talk to me all day long!! Great choices!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Good point – I would love to just talk and muse with some of these authors.

  3. Love your list. Great concept! That WOULD be an entertaining show to watch 🙂

  4. Shakespeare! Haha, that would be amazing! English is not my native language, so it can be difficult sometimes, but having him talk.. I do like to read his plays and poems, but that’s easier if I can search in a dictonary :p

    1. English is not my native language either – although I did attend an English high school. I still find his plays quite difficult though.

  5. mystmusician says:

    I have my money on Dan Brown…he’d be able to figure each person out and play to their strengths or weaknesses…I think Stephanie Meyer would come in close…I don’t think anyone would take her seriously at first and then she’d show up and completely blow them away (of course Dan Brown would have seen through that though…) 🙂 haha! I put my TTT characters from a couple weeks ago on reality shows since I had trouble with authors… My TTT

    1. Oh wow, I looooove your analysis! Dan Brown would totally analyse the fizz out of everyone, but I think Meyers would be that surprise, eh.

  6. Danielle says:

    Ugh, I’m the same way with Jersey Shore. I can’t stand it, I love to pick it apart and make fun of them. But I always catch myself watching if someone else in the room puts it on!

  7. This is fun! Love the idea. And a great group.

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