Emo Compliment

© Tim Burton

Was not going to post for some time. Blogging seems to be inhibiting my productivity. Like now, when I’m supposed to be in bed already since I need to be in hospital before 6am tomorrow.

Also, Internal Medicine is killing me. Our firm is crazy busy with way too few students and a whole lot of nonsense I can’t really go into right now. And some super-rude patients.

But during our Call last night, I made a comment to the registrar about how one patient’s daughter seems to fancy herself some kind of unofficial doctor. Which is true.

To which the reg responded (laughingly),

“You know what I like about you? You’re so emo! Has anyone ever told you that before? I dig how you’re not fake just because I’m your registrar. Your… Tim Burton-ness is awesome.”

I think she’s right, although I’ve never considered it to be an “awesome” trait. More of an annoyance really. I’ve been compared to Juno (of the movie) before, which I suppose has the same emo undertones.

So anyways, I’ll just take it for the compliment it is said to be.

It was funny though. I don’t think a doctor has ever complimented me on anything, nevermind anything non-work related.

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