A TMI Tough Week Crazy-Ass Rant

My internal firm has bad karma. Clearly somebody badmouthed a patient who was secretly a witch, because we have too many patients for a firm with only three students. The students on the other firms finish ward rounds and ward work by latest 12h00. Which doesn’t make a bi-weekly call that bad.

We get out of hospital for the first time at 16h00 if we’re lucky. Without a lunch break in between. Who doesn’t give their students a lunch break, seriously?! When are we supposed to study or wait, breathe?!

We might as well be permanently on call. We see more patients on a “normal” day than my counterparts see during a weekend on-call.

The cherry on top of my annoyance-cake?

I managed to pick up a germ from one of my many patients with the winter flu and community acquired pneumonia and such – hey, is it still nosocomial if you weren’t actually a patient when you picked it up??

The only reason I’m still standing is because I actually had the flu vaccine this year. Yes, b*tches, I do the vaccine-thing. 

I don’t get sick, even though I have close to zero nutrients in my diet.I take vitamins. They help a little.

But multivites make me polyuric and I refuse to use the disgusting loos in our hospital. And my bladder is not ten hours strong.


  1. Polyuric? Vitamins do that? Maybe that’s my problem… Either that or the crazy amounts of caffeine I drink…

    1. Yep! Well mostly vitamins C and the Bs. But the caffeine definitely adds to that…

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