Rant: Security in South African Hospitals

So now that it’s reached the media, I can write about an unfortunate incident without the threat of being considered a traitor.

One of our students was assaulted in the hospital on Saturday morning.

A lot of “”big people” are trying to call it “attempted assault”. I say nonsense.

Assault: an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm.

My first two days of winter break were crazy, because we had to release statements about the matter and demand action from our university and the department of health.

Pity the media has been hounding people for answers instead of paying attention to our statement. Anycase.

Pity also that this had to happen before we could get an appointment with the hospital CEO. I’ve been begging for an appointment for the past nine months.

Pity also that the hospital is telling everyone that there is nothing wrong with security. Nonsense again! The student body and student government has been telling them incessantly that we don’t feel safe. But did they listen? Nope.

They told my council not to speak to the media. I say BS. Don’t want the hospital and faculty to look bad? Maybe you should have upped security when we asked you too.

They tell us to calm down. That it wasn’t so bad.

Don’t tell me to calm down. One of my students, a student I serve, a student I asked to vote for me, was assaulted. One of my students was traumatised when it could have been prevented. One of this country’s future doctors was harmed.

So do not tell me to calm down. What if she was your child?


  1. It’s really outrageous, it has always happened: assaults,atrocities,rapes, even murders etc. all have been shed away from the media and the public eye or even belittled for the sake of some particular hidden agenda or to protect the authorities from taking the blame.It’s a shame how we’re told that we’re supposed to “calm down”, forget, or overlook transgressions that happen, we cannot ignore what has happened and who was affected because actually the harm has already been done. It’s like they force people to believe alternate versions of the story. We cannot be mere on-lookers to everything happening around us. If that was the case, we would no longer hear of such situations,for when harm is done, an action should be taken. I can understand your rage, it’s the second best thing we can do when we’re feeling a bit helpless, when we know we can’t act. So yes, don’t ever “calm down” or let silence lead you at such times. We need more people who refuse to become silent.

    1. Thanks. It’s a relief to find someone who thinks the way I do. I’ve been feeling rather disillusioned by the number of unexpected individuals who try to sweep the event under the rug.

  2. You are so right. And it’s ridiculous how much people focus on labels. When it’s really about what happened to a specific and very real person!

    1. Exactly. I’m getting more and more annoyed, because people are demanding the preservation of strategic relationships, but honestly I don’t want a strategic relationship with a unit that focuses more on politics than the situation.

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