Cranial Nerves and Dirty Minds

Cranial Nerves are little buggers. They’re one of those things that you need to study and study and study and repeat, and then actually have to recall when in a real-life patient situation. (GCS is also on of those things.)

Fortunately, there are many mnemonics to remind us of the cranial nerves and their functions.

Unfortunately, though…

…the most memorable ones are rather uncouth. What can I say… Medical Students have an affinity for crude mnmenonics, it seems. Give us a break, it’s a coping mechanism.

You will understand that

“OOld Olympus’ Towering Top, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops”

is not really memorable, although it is most certainly decent.

If you are looking for some memorable mnemonics, check out the wiki for it here.

Disclaimer: We regret we cannot take responsibility for minds defiled.


  1. Yatin says:

    Even after moving on to a different Career (and almost decade and a half ) I still remember this …
    On Occasion Of Party Beautiful Faces Are Greatly Valued And Hugged
    If you meet a student from Western part of India, might still know this mnemonic. (Haven’t following WP regularly, you mentioned a while back about doing residency in India, did that materialize?)

    1. Cool! Thanks for sharing that 🙂
      Sadly, no, the elective I had planned for India fell flat due to matters pertaining to finances and some other circumstances beyond our control. But my heart is still set on seeing India some day soon!

  2. It’s not just med students! My freshmen have taught me several mnemonics that I would not repeat, but they are memorable! Thanks for a laugh today.

    1. Good to hear we’re not the only students with horrible minds – thanks for the visit!

  3. Amitabh says:

    I am from the Western part of India :-), and I remember what my Biology professor taught me back in 1977 (and my career has taken me far away from biology or medicine): “On Occasion of Parties, The Attractive Faces Are Greatly Valued”. Optic, Oculomotor, Olfactory, Parietal, Trigeminal, Abducens, Facial, Auditory, G??? and Vagus.

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